When an individual or a family moves to the UK and become a UK tax residence, this will have tax implications. UK tax residents pay fairly high taxes on income derived from sources situated in the UK, as well as outside it.  We advise on pre-arrival as well as post-arrival UK tax residency planning using tax benefits available to foreigners relocating to the UK from other countries.

We also recommend property ownership structures that allow for minimization of taxation in the UK and other countries where client may extract income.

We have an extensive experience in creating international structures using companies, as well as trusts, foundations and other similar structures. We have  a dynamic presence in the international market place which means we can have partners in many jurisdictions around the world, which allows us to establish these structures on a “turnkey” basis.

■ Advising on UK tax residence ​
​■ International tax planning ​
​■ Creation of trusts and other holding structures​
​■ Succession planning​